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Why Pick Us?
  • We at ReactDevship excel in delivering some of the finest applications in React JS backed with unit testing with Jest.
  • Holding hands with a team of well diversified experts at work, our projects go hand in hand with the developers and testing team as well.
  • Our experts in React JS on one side develop the apps while, the proficient team of testers are ready to evaluate its performance and viability using the testing forms of Jest.
  • Cost effective project delivery is our motive and we stride in delivering the same to watch our clients smile at us.
  • Time bound project delivery under the specified timelines is our speciality and we thrive to fulfil the same. Valuing customer satisfaction over any other thing, we promise benefitting delivery with non-compromised quality and technicalities for all our clients.

Why ReactJs?

  • ReactJs is one of the most user-friendly and responsive platform for developing your applications.
  • It provides some of the best features such as debugging tools, faster rendering of data, reuse components facility, SEO-friendly, etc.

Unit Testing with Jest

Software development is gaining heights in the current industrial forms. Right from managing applications to making the best use of the available resources, software and apps are being used almost in every domain of work. However, without the appropriate set of testing tools, none of these are worthy of their existence.

If you are in the need of a favourable application that can be well tested and delivering results under unit testing with Jest, you are on the right page!

What is Jest unit testing?

Jest JavaScript is basically a resting framework that focuses on simplifying the JavaScript programming works. Jest was actually formulated by the Facebook engineers for their own React project however, it gained popularity due to the ease and implementation expertise, held by its side. Known to be one of the most popular tools for unit testing, Jest serves the complete purpose of validating each unit of any kind of software. You can get your most desired, well performing software right at your side with unit testing with Jest.

Why Jest Based Unit Testing?

  • Jest based tests are simpler to perform and easier to understand
  • Even though simple in action, it offers the most prominent and expert based results for even the most complicated codes
  • Perfect for hassle- free testing of the React applications
  • Jest gives the developers freedom of creativity and compilation
  • It allows freedom of adding optional configurations for overall testing
  • Apart from the other setup matches, Jest comes with a rich class of API for the comprehensive test assertions
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